During this Covid-19 Season

Village Church Plan for Gathering


After much prayerful discussion the Elders have decided that The Village Church will not be returning to the Baldwin High School Auditorium in October.  In light of the Covid-19 unknowns the Elders feel that it is both wise for us and considerate of the School District to Gather for Sunday Worship in a different, short term and temporary location.  The High School remains an option for us in the future.

Beginning October 4 The Village Church will Gather for Sunday Morning Worship at Woodside Chapel, an historic church building a mile south of Baldwin on County Highway N (2043 County Road N, Baldwin).  Our Gathering time will be from 10-11:15AM, just as it was when we gathered at the School.

Our use of  Woodside Chapel is a short term, temporary solution to our Gathering needs and will provide us necessary continuity in the near future.  We will continue to move forward with the property purchase, as God leads, and will have our offices at the current Hillcrest location and then at the house on the new property after closing that purchase.

Everything about our lives has been impacted by the Covid pandemic.  This change of location for our Worship Gatherings is one more example of that impact.  We know change can sometimes be difficult.  We also know that change is not necessarily bad.  This short term and temporary change can be as good as we decide to make it.  So, let's have some fun with it!

Remember, the God we worship has not changed.  Our reason to celebrate Jesus Christ has not changed.  The indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit has not changed.  Our call to gather to worship has not changed. Only, for a short time, will our setting change.

Here are some items to consider as we move into a different gathering place:

CHILDCARE AND DISCOVERY VILLAGE:  There is space for both in the lower lever of Woodside Place.  However, we are not planning on offering either at this time.  We would like FEEDBACK from families about this.  What Covid safety concerns do you have?  There is a changing room/small nursery space on the west side of the lower level.

RESTROOMS:  Restrooms are on the lower level.   If the stairs from the upper to the lower level are not easily navigated, a person will have to exit the upper level, go outside, and enter the lower level to access the restrooms.

PARKING:  There are two levels of parking.  Upper level parking, near the front door, is reserved for seniors, those for whom navigating stairs is difficult, and guests.  Lower Level parking is for all others.

GATHERING  SEATING:  Woodside Place has seating both on the main floor and in a large balcony.  Seating on the main floor is arranged in the shape of a cross, with seating on the sides and in the middle.  If no childcare is available we recommend that families with children use the balcony or the middle section on the main floor.  This will allow parents and children to exit the main room, if necessary, with greater ease.   The back two rows of the middle section of the main floor are designated as 'aisles' for ease of access to the side sections of the main floor.

THE INFORMATION TABLE and Offering box will be on the lower level.  If you need assistance in accessing those items a Greeter can assist you.

MASKS:  Wisconsin is under a mask mandate until November 21.  We encourage the wearing of masks and practicing physical distancing.  We will have masks and hand sanitizer available.  "Presenters" on stage will not wear masks while leading, but are encouraged to wear masks while not leading.

WOODSIDE PLACE is located:  2043 County Road N.  I mile south of Baldwin and I-94.   Look for the white chapel on the south side of the road.

Thanks!!  Let's have some fun with this change!

The Village Church is all about taking the next step on your spiritual journey - whatever that step might be. 

Navigate around our site, check out our Sunday Worship Gathering, and please, ask us whatever questions you might have. 

Worship Gathering

Sunday Morning 10:00am - 11:15am

Woodside Place Chapel

2043 County Highway N, Baldwin WI

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Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm

990 HiIlcrest Street Baldwin, WI, 54002