VillagesXXL are mid-sized groups of all ages that meet regularly around two purposes. 

One purpose is for the experience of eXtended family. Meals are shared, people pray for each other and spend time enjoying each other's company in an informal, family gathering. The second purpose of the VillagesXXL is to eXpress the power of Jesus' kingdom to the community. Acts of loving service are done, prayers are offered and the Good News of Jesus is demonstrated. 


Villages, or missional communities, are 'fluid' in their make-up as people are invited by friends to be part of what Jesus is doing in and through those who follow him. 


VILLAGESXXL ARE FOR EVERYONE!! Indicate in a Connection Card if you're interested in a Village. 

VillagesXXL are about experiencing the loving family of Jesus and expressing his loving power to others. Almost everything we do as a church (ie. Outreach; Discipleship Huddles: Bible Studies; Ministires of Caring; etc.) are directly connected to a VillagesXXL. 


The Meaning of the Name VillagesXXL

  - Villages: mid sized groups with a connection to The Village Church

  - XX: a minimum of twenty adults

  - X: eXtended family of loving relationships

  - X: eXpressions of the Kingdom Rule and Reign of Jesus all over our community

  - XXL: Real big love of Jesus!