During this Covid-19 Season

-  Weekly Sunday 10:00am Zoom Room connection for our XXLs  

             (If you need to connect to an XXL contact Pastor Stu

-  Weekly recorded Worship Gathering posted to Village Church Facebook, Website and YouTube (The Village Church Baldwin)

-  Discovery Village Lessons posted to .

Baldwin EMS 630 HWY 12 Baldwin is the place to drop off food and other similar donations for local needs.  Leave the items at the east door under the awning. If you know of someone in the area that is in need and should be on the list for assistance please let Baldwin EMS know. 

The Baldwin Food Pantry will be closing its building, but if you call their phone number (715-688-3844) they will meet you at Gethsemane Lutheran Church (right by Greenfield Elementary School), have you drive up, and they will give you a bag of food.  Please think about neighbors or friends that might need this and pass the info along.

Village Church News 3/26/20

"Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you." - Psalm 116:7

Rest.  These are the days to slow down, breathe, and rest in God's love for you in Jesus.  Always measure his love for you by the cross and his power for you by the resurrection.  God will be enough for you these days.  Rest in him.

Remember, it is for the common good of our neighbors and friends that we will be the The Village Church a bit differently for a few weeks.

Our XXL's and Huddles will continue to connect on Zoom, an on-line networking platform, at 10:00am on Sundays.  Download the free Zoom app to your phone or the free Zoom software to your computer ( ) and wait for an invitation from your XXL leaders.  

We had a good 'first go' with Zoom technology last week and while it is not perfect, it will allow us to set God's greatest works (his people) before our eyes and give thanks.  It is worship, perhaps the highest form, to be together like this.   

If you are not connected to an XXL or Huddle let me know and we'll get you connected.  If you lead a Huddle let me know when you regularly meet so I can help connect people to you.

We will be posting an on-line a version of our Sunday Worship Gathering so that we all can stay connected to what God is saying to us as The Village Church.  Discovery Village lessons can also be found on our Facebook page.  

Tune in to “The Village Church - Baldwin’s” Facebook page on Saturday at 7pm for a Worship Service watch together event. We will be able to experience watching the video together as a live audience safely in our own homes. Then be sure to connect with your XXL on Sunday morning at 10am via Zoom.

Remember to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to connect to others in our church family.  When God brings a name to mind, call them.  Encourage one another.  Serve one another.  Shop for one another.

If you are concerned about the financial commitments we, The Village Church family, have made to staff and missionaries you can send your donation to the offices (990 Hillcrest, Suite 104, Baldwin,WI 54002) or donate securely via text to 715-227-6554.  There are specific (and simple) instructions about how to do this on our website (

Love each other well these days and light the way to Jesus.