The Antioch School is the opportunity for in depth Bible study that focuses on developing leaders for various areas of service and ministry in the Village Church.

Using the Socratic discussion method, Antioch School courses feature an abundance of Bible reading and reflection as well as selected scholarly articles for reading and reflection. Participants come to class prepared by the readings to discuss how the truth of the Bible impacts the life of faith lived out in the faith community. There is a $75 fee for materials.

The Village Church offers four Antioch School courses in a rotating basis. The courses we offer are: The Book of Acts; The Pauline Epistles; Essentials of Sound Doctrine; and Shepherding. In cooperation with our sister churches in St Croix County, additional Antioch School courses can be taken for credit at the Bachelor's, Master's or Doctor of Ministry levels. However, most people take the courses for their own learning benefit, and not for academic credit toward a degree.